April 8, 2024

A Mix of Role Play with a Quickie: Let’s Try it Once!

If you’re hiring a Chennai escort for a perfect Girlfriend Experience, why not try something new?

Did you know about a quickie?

In short, quick sex where you can’t wait to fuck the best call girl in Chennai.

During a GFE, you usually go to a pub, watch a movie, or have dinner with the Chennai escort. But what if you’re turned on at that moment?

If this is the case, go for a quickie.

Now, a blend of role-play and quickie is something more enticing that you can create yourself.

How it works?

It may work the way you like.

Let’s gain some thoughts on this by continually reading this blog.

Plan for a Role and Rush for a Quickie!

Sharing my personal experience would be the best way to make you understand.

Once, my child’s brain created this idea of blending a quickie with a role-play act. So, I immediately called the best escort service in Chennai and booked a call girl.

So, once the escort visited me, I explained the role play to her. However, the girl was pretty experienced, and she understood me appropriately.

Then, the game has started.

We both went to bed and acted like we were sleeping. After some time, the call girl woke up and started rubbing my penis with her hands. Then, she entered the blanket and covered it over her. She went down on me and started licking my dick.

I acted like moaning while sleeping, and after some time, I woke up, pulled the girl over me, and started fucking her without any foreplay.

The perfect role play and quickie session 1 was incredible.

After this, we had dinner, and I hired the girl for a GFE.

Now, it was a shower time.

So, I went inside the bathroom and started taking a shower. After some time, I asked the escort for a towel. As the girl handed the towel to me, I simply pulled her inside the bathroom.

The girl was already nude, so I did not wait and rushed into her pussy, and penetrated her well beneath the droplets coming out of the showerhead.

Then, we decided to go to a pub and have some drinks and a dance session. So, we moved to a pub and had a good time.

We drank together. After some time, I felt horny, and I asked the girl to move to the backroom with me at the earliest.

The backroom was empty and dark. So, I rushed toward the girl, pulled her dress up, removed her panty quickly, and inserted my dick into her cunt without any delay.

We did the sex on the table, and it was such a pleasing one.

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