January 12, 2024

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It was a beautiful night, a cool breeze, it was about to rain, and my penis wanted something hot.

So, I decided to book a virgin call girl in Chennai to satisfy my sexual desires.

The process was hassle-free and quick, and I got a knock on my door within some time.

The girl was there.

I was so happy to see the innocent smile and the sexy shape of the perfect 22-year-old call girl.

The perfume she was wearing was seducing me.

The top-notch Chennai escort sat on my couch; she was a bit shy.

So, it was my duty to make her feel comfortable. I sat beside her and broke the ice by talking about everything apart from sex.

When she started opening up then, I asked her if she was afraid of having sex with me.

She replied, “Yes, I am quite nervous, but I will try to satisfy you.”

I was so happy after seeing her passion for satisfying her clients.

So, I took her to the bed and unveiled her clothes slowly.

The 22-year-old call girl felt shy until I gave her a subtle and sweet kiss on her pink lips.

After the kiss, while we were lost in each other’s eyes, she suddenly held my head and started kissing me badly. The girl was squeezing my hair out of excitement.

I started removing my clothes while kissing her, and after we stopped kissing, I asked her to lie down. Now, it was time to make her cunt wet.

Spreading her legs, I started teasing her clit, and rubbing my finger on her vagina. The girl was a virgin. So, considering her virginity, I used a lube before fingering her.

Then, I slowly inserted my finger in her cunt, and continued rubbing her clitoris. The girl felt slight pain initially, but then she started enjoying my finger. After some time, I gave her oral and played well with her tits and boobs.

When I was assured that she was ready to get fucked. Then, I laid on her.

She was enjoying my weight and moving her butts in a way that she wanted me to penetrate her.

So, I asked her to hold my dick and insert it herself inside her pussy.

The girl did the same, but due to fear of my big black cock, she was unable to take it inside.

The call girl asked me, “Push it inside me. But please do it slowly”.

I was wearing a condom.

I started pushing my dick inside her cunt, and now she started moaning.

Oh, it’s painful. Ah, Ah, please do it slowly.

After some time, when I gained momentum, she enjoyed it well.

I made her bleed, and this was the most fantastic experience I’ve ever had.

I still remember the tightness of a virgin cunt, and the sexy moans of the call girl at the time of sex play.

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