January 8, 2024

Positions That Help You To Have Deep Penetration With Her

It can be mind-blowing to lock eyes and time your breaths for intense, passionate sex. Ufff! Such an intensified moment, right? But the women with whom you have planned to encounter sex have never told you to penetrate deep. Deep penetration helps in touching the G-spot, which gives her more sensation and makes the moment more special. If you want to experience that, Chennai Escorts can help you provide that.

If she wants you to be deep inside her, then listen to her, as she can give you the pleasure that you are seeking. Make her wet with your ride, and when she finally begs you to get inside her, and then make her ride on you. At first, she will be riding slowly, suddenly grab her ass and start thrusting inside her, and she will enjoy it. There are other positions available in which you can deeply penetrate inside her.

Positions Help You To Get Deep Inside Her 


The lowered hips provide a low entrance barrier. This one also provides excellent G-spot stimulation. With their legs extended straight and their hips slightly raised, the receiving partner is lying facedown. Subsequently, their sexual partner enters them through the back.

The child pose 

She sits on her heels and leans forward in this posture. She keeps her back straight and stretches her hands forward while staying on her haunches. You have complete access to her vagina when you wear this doggie-style variant. Additionally, you might need to expand her cheeks to enable deep entry if she has an enormous butt. If you want to experience this position, a high-class escort can make your dream come true. Call Girl in Chennai can help you to quench your sexual thirst.

The Seashell 

The Seashell requires some flexibility but may ease it by bending your legs. After lying on their back, the recipient raises their legs until their ankles align with their ears. Since this position can be profound, start slowly. If you think it’s too deep, try encircling your sexual partner’s body with your legs.

Flying v position 

The Flying V position, sometimes called the Happy Scissors, falls into the “keep it simple” category. Allow your spouse to kneel between your legs while you lie on your back with your hips raised. Use cushions or positioning assistance if you’d like a little extra lift. Then, while they drive, your spouse spreads your legs wide apart and grabs one of your ankles in each hand. You can even hold your legs if you feel accommodating, allowing your sexual partner to plant their hands and gain additional thrusting leverage.

The shoulder lift 

The trick is to start as a missionary, with the man at the top, since this is a modified form of the missionary position. But once he’s inside, take one leg at a time and raise them until they rest on the man’s shoulders. This gives the man a new entry point, giving you a more decadent feeling. Applying some lubrication may aid with the new angle for the first few times.

These are some of the positions that help you to get deep inside her and give her sexual pleasure.