January 22, 2024

I Fucked Her to the Extent She Couldn’t Imagine

I Fucked Her to the Extent

When a man is turned ON, you can’t stop him until he cum.

Isn’t it true?

One day, while scrolling the internet, I saw a website for hiring call girls in Chennai. I got turned ON after looking at the website images. The girls were so sexy that I couldn’t resist to book one.

An ultimate Chennai Escort visited my home, and I was mesmerized to see her perky boobs and sexy butts.

So, what did I do? Do you want to know??

Keep reading this blog until the last word, and enjoy yourself thoroughly.

She Put Her Legs on My Shoulder and Was Ready to Get Fucked!


After having some tequila shots, we both were ready to have a nasty play in the bed.

So, I asked her to get partially naked while putting my shirt off.

I wanted to focus on her tight and perky boobs with cute nipples.

The female escort sat on the couch when I reached her, sat on my knees, and kissed one of the nipples.

The perfect Chennai escort started moaning with a sexy voice.

I pressed her breasts hard with both my hands and sucked her nipples to the extent she asked me to lick her juices.

Now, it’s time to become fully naked.

The call girl from the best escort service in Chennai wanted to grind my lips. So, she preferred a standing licking session.

I kept sitting on my knees when she opened her pussy for me.

It was a miraculous scene when my face was just beneath the sexy shaved pussy of the perfect 22-year-old college-call girl.

Initiating with clit sucking, I entered my tongue into her pussy that felt like a small dildo to her. The girl fucked my tongue and kept clasping my hair with both of her hands.

After she was fully turned ON, I quickly pushed her to the bed and asked her to take her favorite position. So, she asked me to keep standing, as the call girl wanted to get her legs on my shoulders.

So, the girl kept both of her legs on my shoulders and offered me her wet cunt to fuck.

I dug deeper into her pussy, and gained momentum in a few seconds. She was moaning badly, “ah, ah, oyeeahhh, keep fucking me honey, you are amazing, you know how to make a girl get an orgasm”.

I fucked her to an extent she couldn’t imagine, and the perfect thing happened was that we got an orgasm at the same time.

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