January 4, 2024

How You Can Have Intimate Sex From Behind

Have Intimate Sex From Behind

Having sex from behind is the real deal, as the penis can directly hit the G-spot of the woman, which gives her the ultimate pleasure. But whenever we imagine the sex position from behind, we only recall the doggy style. It is very dull to have a sex position as you need to explore more to see which one is the best. This will enhance your sexual pleasure more. Thus, if you want to try out these sexual positions with a perfect sexual partner, then Chennai Escorts service is the right place.

Are you eager to know all the positions? Then you have come to the right place. Here, we will be discussing different positions from behind while having sex. So let’s start the topic as we know you are dying to know them.

Intimate Sex Position From Behind 


Leapfrog sex 

The Leapfrog is a sex variation when your shoulders and breasts dip down to the bed, derived from the back variation. This relieves some of the pressure on your shoulders and arms. Next, your partner, for sex, can lean forward and extend his arms to either side of your body to assume the Jockey position.

He may now thrust slowly and for a long time, allowing you to feel every inch. Your boyfriend will have a lot of leverage when riding you from behind if he bends his knees toward your rib cage and grabs your hips. The Leapfrog position above and the Jockey position below are demonstrated.


The receiving partner should lie face down on the bed with their legs straight and their hips slightly raised to allow the penetrating partner to enter from behind with their penis or strap-on. According to Parks, the recipient isn’t required to do much work in the traditional version of this role. Indeed, there is a place and a time for carefree crafting. However, the receptive partner can move a hand between their legs to caress their genitalia while getting filled if they’re feeling exceptionally playful and flirtatious.

Sea horse position 

Are you prepared to step up your doggy style? Awaiting your arrival is the sea horse. This gymnast-level technique is executed by standing and leaning over the side of a chair with your feet on the floor. Your spouse will then climb on top of you to enter your body from the back and the top. You have a great and sensual time together if you can pull this off. It will be easy to penetrate, but maintaining equilibrium will take some work. Want to try out this new position? Then Call Girl in Chennai can help you to do that.

Hot seat 

Doggystyle sex does not usually imply coming from behind. This is a great sex position for those who enjoy deep penetration without gymnastics. You sit on his cock, facing away, while he is seated in a chair. You can leverage your feet to move at the desired angle and speed on the floor. Additionally, your lover can freely stimulate your breasts or clit with their hands. Instead of bouncing, try moving in a circle. Your entire vagina is stimulated by this motion, which opens up the possibility of even more pleasure.

These are some of the positions that you should try if you want to have sex from behind.