February 12, 2024

Keep it Clean It Doubles the Sexual Pleasure

Keep it Clean It Doubles the Sexual Pleasure

Are you planning to hire a super sexy call girl in Chennai?

That’s great.

But before that, consider some points regarding hygiene.

Hygiene is an essential part when it comes to physical intimacy.

Turning a clean bedsheet dirty after a passionate sex play is always an excellent experience.

So, while hiring an escort, some points need to be considered by the client to ensure to get healthy sex.

Are you ready to attain some knowledge before you tap into hiring the best Chennai call girls?

So, let’s explore at a deeper level.

A Scented Room with Dim Lights is Perfect for a Passionate Sex!

Messy rooms, with unorderly bedsheets, don’t give a feel of romanticism. The same applies to the Chennai escort. A hygienic and healthy girl remains a priority.

So, let’s see what should be considered the most while hiring a girl from the best escort service in Chennai regarding health and hygiene.

  • Medically Checked

While booking an escort, check with the company about her medical checkups. The call girl should not have any sexually transmitted infections. Although try to use a condom while having sex, it’s the best contraceptive as well as a protective device that reduces the risk of any sexual infection.

  • Selecting Shaved or Trimmed Pubes is the Best

You often get a choice of choosing an escort with the type of pubes. So, demanding shaved or properly trimmed pubic hair is a perfect choice. The reason behind this is hygiene. Hairy pussy can sometimes make you feel horny, but when it comes to hygiene, preferring shaved or trimmed cunts is a wise choice.

  • Take a Bath Before an Oral Session

Asking an escort to go and take a bath may sound awful. So, it’s best if you take a bath together; shower sex is always an erotic one, and if it’s about oral, it’s better to do it under a shower or in a bathtub. Water rinses sweat, and the natural odors of your private parts; hence, there is no risk of infection while enjoying a licking and sucking session passionately.

  • A Dental Dam Before Rimming is a Hygienic Choice

Licking an anus of a sexy Chennai escort is a favorite choice of most men. It’s great, but don’t forget to use a dental dam before that. A dental dam protects against parasites and never hampers your pleasure. So, a dental dam is essential for a rim job if you are a hygiene freak client.

I hope you’ve understood all the essential points and will take care of the same before having sex with an escort. If you want to hire a sexy call girl, don’t wait and contact Nights Womens now and get pleasure at a reasonable rate.