April 15, 2024

Positions That Turn a Salad-Tossing Boring to Exciting

Do you hire a perfect call girl in Chennai for a salad-tossing act?

Are you a giver who loves giving a rim job to the most desirable Chennai escorts?

If yes, then we have brought some immensely incredible positions to eat ass most erotically.

Read this blog and learn about the best rim job positions now!

Eating Ass is Fun: Positions Can Make It More Enticing

A rim job is all about eating the ass or having an anal oral play. Why make it boring? Let’s try some fantastic rimming job positions and have fun with the Chennai call girls to the fullest.

  • Face Sitting

You might have heard of face sitting in vaginal oral sex. But it’s possible in a rim job, too. Ask the girl to sit on your face, facing away or directly. Ask them to put their butt hole on your lips, and here you go. The rubbing and grinding session of the girl will help you please them at a better pace.

  • Rimming 69

If you, too, want a rim job, then here is the best position that can satisfy both partners simultaneously. Let the girl get on her knees, straddling your head, and put their ass over your mouth. At the same time, the call girl will provide you with a rim job by putting her head down into your ass.

With this, you both can have a delightful session by pleasing each other simultaneously.

  • Rim Shot

The rim shot is an essential position in which the girl or the boy will lie down, turning her/his legs up to showcase their butthole correctly and let the partner lick their ass conveniently.

During this act, the giving partner can play with their genitals and get an orgasm while satisfying the other through a perfect rim play.

  • Standing Rim Job

The erotic anal oral position inclines most men. In this, let your partner keep standing. As the giving partner, sit on your knees, open the hip area with your fingers, and rush to the butthole. The receiving partner can play with her tits and clit during the anal and oral jobs. On the other hand, the giving partner can shake their penis to enjoy more.

  • Bend and Tap

This is a standard anal, oral position in which the receiving partner is asked to bend. Bending helps the giver get a perfect look at the butthole. The receiver can bend in a doggy-style pose on the bed, couch, or standing. The giver sits on their knees and gives a perfect ass lick to the other.

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