February 16, 2024

Pour Some Chocolate Syrup on Me! Let’s Have Some Dirty Fun!

Pour Some Chocolate Syrup on Me

Did you ever play with chocolates while having sex with a well-shaped Chennai escort?

If not, then it’s time to gear up and hire the finest Chennai call girl to get the ultimate sexual pleasure.

Chocolates play a crucial role in uplifting the mood and developing a sense of eroticism.

So, you can play kinky anytime using chocolates.

Do you want to learn how to play dirty with chocolates? Let’s explore something new and try it tonight.

Come with me if you want to cum hard.

Read the blog till the end, and make yourself feel horny.

Chocolates + Licking = Pleasure

When I booked a Chennai escort for pleasing my dick, an idea came to my mind.

I thought about pouring some extra lustfulness into sex.

And what would be more titillating than chocolate syrup?

So, I decided to use it to make our sex dirty and even more exciting.

Firstly, my exquisite call girl in Chennai and I removed our clothes. Our naked bodies were eager to touch each other.

We came closer and started with a subtle and seductive kiss. Before moving towards horniness, I drew the chocolate syrup on my lips and asked the girl to lick it.

The female escort rushed towards my lips as she was waiting for it.

The girl cleaned up all the chocolate from my lips and picked up the bowl of syrup in her hands.

The call girl kneeled down and held my penis with her soft hands.

The escort then poured my dick in the chocolate syrup and took my penis into her mouth.

I am unable to forget the oral sex she gave me that day.

The girl didn’t stop until I ejaculated inside her mouth.

The next was for her chance to get pleasure, so I drew the chocolate syrup on her clit and vagina and licked it well.

The moaning sounds of her were making my dick erect again. I asked her to use the chocolate syrup on her boobs, as I wanted to play with her tits.

A nasty tit-play made her tits and my penis harder.

It’s time to fuck her till the deep end of her pussy.

I then lifted her legs in the air and inserted my large dick into her chocolatey hole.

She moaned, “Ah”.

Yeah, I have a giant dick, so I was expecting this moaning sound.

The girl had made me so horny that I keep hitting her pussy hard continuously, and she was saying, “Yeah, yeah, fuck me like that, you are doing awesome, I am enjoying it, baby, just keep doing this, ah, ah, ah, ah”, and this was making me even more excited.

The fucking session concluded with hard humping, and we both got a perfect orgasm.

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