May 7, 2024

Reasons Why Men Relish Anal Sex?

Men Relish Anal Sex

Men often love to plunge into the ass of beautiful Chennai escorts.

Do you have a reason for that?

Diving a penis into the butthole feels amazing, indeed.

The tightness of the asshole allows the penis to get some more pleasure than the vagina.

Although, there is a lack of lubrication when it comes to a butthole. The vagina generates fluids.

During the excitement, when the girl turns wet, it gives a man more leverage to enter the penis into her vagina quite smoothly. But the asshole has no natural lubrication.

The call girls in Chennai usually carry lubes and oils with them to have flawless anal sex.

But after putting in oil and lubes, a man can comfortably enjoy anal sex for a long time.

Now, after reading such crucial information, let’s come back to our topic and get the reasons behind the love for anal sex for a man.

Keep reading this amazing blog and have a better understanding.

Finger the Asshole, Put the Lube, and Fuck it Hard!

So, we are ready to let you know why men enjoy anal sex the most. Let’s move ahead without wasting much time.

  • Seems like a Taboo

From the older times, anal sex has been a taboo or a forbidden act. So, the men from a traditional mindset get attracted towards gaining a distinct experience of fucking an asshole. Merely thinking about fucking an asshole brings sensations in the body of men often.

  • An Obsession with Ass

Just like girls, men are also obsessed with some body parts that entice them the most. Many men like playing with boobs; some get excited by the type of pubic hair, and others feel attracted by the sexy butts of a girl.

So, guys who are obsessed with assholes of the girls usually get horny by thinking of anal sex.

  • Sex During a Shark Week

It’s time when you need sex, but your girl is having periods. Shark Week is a slang that is used for the week of your period each month. So, anal sex makes it easy for a man to have sex during that time when a girl too wants sex but can’t make it due to cramps and bleeding issues.

So, to avoid a breach of enjoyable sexual moments, guys choose anal sex.

  • No Need to Use Condoms

Every man loves having sex without condoms, but they ought to use them for protection purposes. But there is no risk of any STIs or other infections with anal sex. So, anal sex is usually preferred by men.

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