April 18, 2024

Sex in the Bathroom: Know the Best Positions Ever!

Sex in the Bathroom

Have you tried a nasty play with a super sexy Chennai escort in your bathroom?

It’s fantastic to slip over each other’s bodies beneath the droplets from the showerhead.

You should try it, but before that, read this blog to learn about the various positions needed to have a great shower play.

So, hold your dick, and remove your panties before reading this sex-educating blog.

Lukewarm Water is the Best for an Erotic Shower Play!

Turn nude and move inside the bathtub, or stand under the showerhead to get immense sexual pleasure.

Yeah, shower sex or the sex in the bathroom uplifts the seduction in both partners.

Playing naughty in the shower, with or without soap, offers the ultimate intimacy level and makes you relaxed and stress-free.

So, before you start rushing to it, get some sex tips here, and have great fun ahead.

  • Play with the Soap

A soapy slide is the most common individuals love to do in various ways. If you hire Chennai call girls, then their experience can showcase miracles. So, be ready for it.

You can let your partner stand still and put soap all over their body, primarily the genitals, and rub it slowly, and experience a sense of excitement. A man can have a great nipple and boobs and play with their soapy hands, whereas the call girls can use their hands to gently rub the penis and balls of a man and offer great pleasure to each other.

  • Plunger

The plunger position can be performed well in the bathroom if you have anti-slip mats. However, don’t perform this position out of excitement without precautions, as there are chances to slip.

The plunger is to be performed from behind. Here, the Chennai escort has to place one leg on the floor and the other in the air to let the giver penetrate comfortably from behind. It would be best to do it under the showerhead, but precautions are necessary.

  • Lick It

Bathroom is the best place to have a clean oral sex. Take a shower together, and start sucking the penis or licking the vagina of the girl under the droplets of water. Feel fresh without any stress of hygiene, and have incredible orgasms.

  • Face to Face

If you’re interested in watching each other’s facial expressions and feeling more intimate, go for a seated position. Close the toilet seat cover, or use a stool instead to sit comfortably, and let the call girl in Chennai sit on your dick and grind it well. The face-to-face position is the best to feel the heartbeats, see the seductive facial expressions of the girl, and get an incredible orgasm together.

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