March 27, 2024

Top Pillow Sex Positions that Will Drive Her Crazy

For a man, getting a woman to feel satisfied in bed is the hardest part. Women are like waves; they experience sexual pleasure gradually and effortlessly. Are you lying in bed in the same manner as before? Then stop it since many positions will help you make out with her, and you need to spice things up. Chennai escort can assist you if you want an exciting and fun encounter.

Picture this: you are kissing a college girl passionately, and she starts to remove all your as well as her clothes. Suddenly, she whispers in your ears,” Please slide your meat inside my mouth and finger me roughly.” But don’t you think that she deserves a good orgasm, too? That is why we are here to provide you with some mind-blowing pillow sex positions that make both of you sexually pleased.

Pillow Sex Positions to Have Wild Sex 

Cowgirl’s hack 

Girl-on-top is a difficult position to get right (but our step-by-step tutorial can help you), but using a pillow will help you do it like a pro. Placing a pillow under both knees provides additional leverage when bouncing. It reduces the ground you must traverse with each movement, especially if your sexual partner is well-packaged.

Doggy style 

The doggie position is ideal for the lady since it gives her the best control. She can change her range of motion to the angle that feels most comfortable for her. He can probably use his hand, her hand, or a toy—like a tiny vibrating bullet—to activate her G-spot and gain access to her clitoris. However, while in the doggie position, remember to use your hands for clitoral stimulation as well. You can enjoy this position with some experienced Chennai call girls with our escort service.

Prime time sex position 

Prime Time is a low bed or ottoman sex position that uses a Liberator Wedge and Ramp sex positioning aids to provide deep penetration and access for manual clitoral stimulation.

Pinned butterfly 

Bondage cushions can be used as a toy for constraint and a support wedge. While the person on top penetrates, the other person lies on their back on the cushion with their hands secured to the integrated cuffs. In this enjoyable position, a substantial section of the upper body is exposed, and part of the body is immobilized. Explore feather ticklers, nipple play, and even a warm massage candle.

Lazy dog 

Doggy style is excellent, no doubt about that. However, the angles could be a significant obstacle depending on how much you and your guy differ in size. Instead, try the “lazy dog,” which involves sleeping face down with your legs clasped and a pillow under your tummy. He will perform the deed precisely like a typical dog, but the tight fit will make him feel like he’s genuinely filling you up, making each thrust feel more intense and unique. Additionally, there’s a slight pressure on your stomach that feels strangely seductive and facilitates climax.

These are some of the pillow positions that you should try while having sex with a call girl.