March 18, 2024

Explore Something Kinky: Try Plough Position Now!

Try Plough Position Now

When it comes to sex, every man wants to explore something new. Men often try distinct sex positions with the best Chennai call girls because of their decades of experience and expertise in the specific domain.

Did you ever try the Plough sex position?

It’s an incredible position you must try to spice up your erotic moments with a perfect Chennai escort.

So, what’s the Plough position? Curious to know?

Let’s get into this blog and have some enticing details.

Experience Adventure with Pleasure in the Bedroom!

The plough or plow sex position is a brilliant position that allows deep penetration and perfect G-spot stimulation.

Chennai escorts are experts in performing such erotic positions.

So, how it’s done?

To perform the plow position, the girl lays down on her back and puts her legs on the man’s shoulders. The position allows a man to penetrate comfortably by lifting the girl slightly upwards.

The position can be performed in the bed, where the man needs to stand on her knees. It can also be done on the couch or at the pool table where a man can stand on the floor lifting the girl’s legs with the thighs and the waist.

The appealing sex position has many benefits. Want to know?

Let’s get there quickly.

  • Spice Up Your Intimate Moments

The plow or plough position is known for its athletic style, allowing both partners to explore something kinky.

The plow position is quite appealing and helps the penetrating partner with great pleasure. Chennai call girls also find this position incredible as it concludes in a pleasurable orgasm.

  • Boosts Relaxation in the Lower Back

The plow position is a perfect lower-back stress reliever. But how?

The reason is that the plough position includes stretching the lower back muscles. So, stretching in the lower back muscles automatically helps unwind stress and promote relaxation.

  • Makes It Easy to Rub the Girl’s Clitoris

During the plough position, the penetrating partner holds the grip. So, a man can comfortably rub the girl’s clitoris by delving his one hand onto her clit while keeping the other hand on her waist or thighs to maintain the grip.

  • Anal is Possible, too!

With vaginal sex, a man can also penetrate the girl’s ass in a plough sex position. The style would be the same. The only difference would be the hole.

For a perfect anal play in a plow position, it’s best to make the girl lay down on the floor with her head on a pillow for support. The girl’s legs are lifted while the man holds her thighs firmly for better penetration.

So, after getting a deep understanding of the plow or plough sex position, are you ready to break the bed? If yes, connect with Night Womens and book a sexy call girl for hours or a full day at a budget-friendly cost now!