March 22, 2024

Why Hump the Pillow When You Can Get Pillow-Like Butts?

When you lack a partner in the bed, you often hump a pillow while watching porn.

But what if I say that you can avail of the beautiful and sexy Chennai escorts with pillow-like butts?

Isn’t thinking about it make you horny?

So, do you want to know about a perfect butt-humping session I tried with a super sexy call girl in Chennai?

Continue reading this blog till the end, and don’t blame me if your dick goes erect while reading.

Let’s make the mood and get started.

Dry Humping Without Clothes Offers Great Sexual Sensations!

Although, dry humping is meant to be with the clothes. The reason behind clothes on is the prevention of STIs or Sexually Transmitted Infections.

But I was not worried about infections, as I booked my Chennai escort from a prominent escort company.

So, the girl was immaculate and hygienic, and as my preference was butt humping, so, there is no such risk of any sexual infections in that case.

We initiated with a great talk and slowly turned our conversations nasty.

As she was aware of my preferences, she sat on my lap with clothes on and started kissing me.

The thighs of the call girl were on my penis, which was making me crazy.

After a passionate kissing session, I asked her to turn nude, and so did I.

Naked me, approached her from behind, and touched my cock on her butt. My hands grabbed her boobs tightly.

As my cock touched her ass, she came even closer to me and started feeling my hard cock rubbing her butt.

While humping her ass slowly and steadily, I started kissing her earlobes and whispered some nasty words in her ears.

I said, “Your butts are just like a soft little pillow, and I love humping it.” “How are you feeling baby?”

The girl was so seduced that she was not able to speak a single word but moaning like anything.

Her moaning voice was making my penis even more erect.

We then decided to change our position. So, after a standing humping act, I pushed the call girl to the bed and jumped upon her ass.

She spread her legs and asked me to move between the two, and hump her hard.

So, I grabbed one of her boobs from my hand and took my other hand into the pussy of the call girl.

I was astonished to feel the wet cunt of the sexy female escort.

I was feeling happy that my humping act made her so wet.

Then, I kept on grinding and humping her ass and kept pressing her boobs and rubbing her clit to have a mutual orgasm.

After some time, I ejaculated all over the ass of the girl while she cum over my hand.

We both had immense fun that night and experienced multiple orgasms.

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